Tours for Every Pursuit and Every Interest

Tours for Every Pursuit and Every Interest For the venturesome traveler there are options aplenty from hiking Peru's Inca Trail, going though the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park on horseback, climbing the highest peak in Southeast Asia, motorcycling through the remote, raw beauty of Patagonia, not to forget running with the bulls in Pamplona. Some more adventure tours out there include an Air Combat experience, along the lines of Top Gun, in San Diego, or a fast Ferrari drive along the windy coastline of the French Riviera. Make adventure travel part of your next getaway if any or all of these adrenaline-filled exploits invoke the daredevil in you.
Visiting the World's National Parks
You will be witness to some of the most magnificent panoramas on earth at national parks found throughout the world. Here you'll find some of the world's most famous national parks.
The Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands is the oldest national park in Ecuador and one of the most visited UNESCO World heritage sites. On this archipelago you will come face to face with giant tortoises and small penguins, some of the island's most prominent residents.
Machu Picchu
One of the world's most invaluable archaeological sites is the stunning Incan fortress of Machu Picchu located high in the Andean Mountains. This wonder provides real evidence of what the urban Inca Empire looked like when it was at the height of its power.

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In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt declared Yellowstone "absolutely unique in the world" upon encountering the incredible geological formations and substantial wildlife uncovered there. In his eyes, setting up a national park was the best way to showcase natural beauty as a social asset to be embraced by all.
Serengeti National Park
Across the ocean you will see the famed Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Kruger National Park in South Africa, both famous for their wildlife and fauna. There you will see terrains different to any other and also hear the roar of lions not faraway.
Great Barrier Reef
A definite must on anyone's bucket list should include the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park located off the northeastern coast of Australia, home to the world's largest coral reef system.
Fiordland National Park
Nearby is the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, awash with fjords so magnificent that they put Norway's famous natural wonders to shame.
Special Interest Tours Galore
The number of specialty tours on the market continue to be on the rise. Today, there are all types of specialty tours on offer to satisfy anyone with a special interest.
For the Wine Lover in all of Us
Wine country is full of all kinds of people who have an appreciation for this delectable nectar. A wine tasting tour is tailored to those who wish to know the complexities that go into creating a fine wine. Napa Valley, the Stellenbosch Wine Route in South Africa, or the wine-making territories in France such as Bordeaux or Champagne are just a few of the best wine-tasting locations around.
For the Food Lovers!
There are many hot spots for foodies who want titillate their taste buds. There are a variety of reasons for a gourmand to take a culinary tour including getting a taste of local ingredients and artisan products as well as understanding how the history and culture of the region affected the evolution of local cuisine. It may even be conceivable for you to meet a prominent Michelin-starred expert if you go on a more exclusive tour.
For All the Yoga Lovers
Today's hottest trends in specialty travel are yoga tours. Breathing techniques and meditation help to strengthen and harmonize the body and mind according to this historic tradition. A tasteful and alluring setting add that extra touch to make a yoga tour a relaxing and illuminating experience.
For the Nature Lover in All of Us
Eco-tours are about visiting vulnerable, unspoiled, and relatively undisturbed natural areas while leaving minimal traces on the surroundings. Visiting protected natural areas is just one facet of eco-tourism, the other is to present nature-lovers with an understanding of how important it is to take care of the natural resources we have These tours are not merely about visiting unspoiled natural terrains, but also about understanding how to improve the everyday lives of local inhabitants as well as the importance of conservation.
For Women Only
Tours geared specifically at women are becoming more and more popular. In today's world, women are searching for a trusted, yet satisfying way to visit the countless wonderful cities, and incredible sights found across the globe. Being on a women's only tour where you can get together with other like-minded travelers makes any vacation more pleasurable and fun.
For All the Spiritual Seekers
You're searching for an experience where you can reconnect with your spiritual self and find out more about the history of your faith. You'll find that a faith-based tour is the perfect occasion for you to look inward and connect with your spirituality amidst people who are on the same journey. Rest knowing that every single tour provides the perfect mix of R & R.

The Many Sights, Sounds and Peoples of the African Continent

The Many Sights, Sounds and Peoples of the African Continent Follow in the footsteps of early settlers from Germany, Britain, Portugal, and The Netherlands when you go on a cruise to Africa. The diverse cultures established by ancient tribal traditions and colonialism are fascinating to compare when you stop in places such as Senegal, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius. South Africa boasts beautiful mountainous terrain, while at the other end of the spectrum, the desert landscape of Namibia will leave you speechless. Off the coast of Tanzania you'll find the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, also nicknamed "Spice Island", a place celebrated for its bounty of precious spices including cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Cruise the Mediterranean

Cruise the Mediterranean From viticulture and art to science and democracy, historians credit the beginning of modern civilization to the cultures along the southern coast of Europe. The thousands of years of history of the "Old Country" are visible along its many shores. Regardless of whether you lay in the sun on the beaches of Spain and Italy, study the historical sights of Greece and Jerusalem, or enjoy the beauty of Santorini and the Greek Islands, the memories you make there will last a lifetime. Ancient Rome is still evident in the city's Pantheon and Colosseum, and the breathtaking St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City is a must-see. Anyone who loves unique architectural design must visit Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi's most celebrated work. Wine and food lovers will welcome the opportunity to stop in some of the world's principal wine-producing regions: Port in Portugal, Chianti in Italy, and Provence in France. ` A great destination on the Adriatic coast of Croatia is the gorgeous walled city of Dubrovnik, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

Take a Hike: The Planet's Best Walks

Take a Hike: The Planet's Best Walks The very best walkabouts are not only about the actual walk but rather they embrace the historic and tradition of the destination. Still, these journeys are not as easy they sound. They will test you on a physical level and mental level, leaving you with an indelible mark of the vastness of our environment. Below is a list of 8 of the top hikes in the world.
Peru's Inca Trail - 26.7 miles - 4 days
Unforgettable moments are bountiful on the Inca Trail, but none can compete with the time you walk through the Sun Gate and first see the sight of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. Best time to go: May to September
Colombia's Lost City ~ 27 miles and 5 days
Trail blaze through the lavish jungle across rivers before coming to the ruins of Teyuna. Arrive here first and the Lost City will be yours to appreciate all by yourself. Ideal time to go: December to March.
Nepal: Everest Base Camp - 38.5 miles and 13 days
This experience will take you closer to the natives of the Himalayas before opening a window to the top of the planet. Once you see Everest, you will not view the planet in the same way again. Perfect time to go: August to November.
Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - 21.1 miles in 8 days
Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's greatest crest at 5,895m (19,340 ft). It is no easy task, but unlike other massive summits, it gives those fearless enough to make it to the top. It is best to go from September to March.
Mont Blanc in Europe - 77.7 miles in 8 days
With the Tour du Mont Blanc you make your way one hundred miles through three countries: Switzerland, Italy, and France. The ideal months to go are June to September.
Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia -10 days and 82.6 miles
Known for its awesome scenery, you will find breathtaking volcanic backdrops, enormous glaciers, and vast steppe-like plains leading to the horizon. Ideal time to go: December to March
Venezuela's Mt Roirama - 21.1 miles | 6 days
The spectacular mountain of Roraima is treasured to the region's local people and is said to have prompted Arthur Conan Doyle's fiction, "The Lost World." Ideal time to go: The Roraima trek can be walked at any time of the year but from November to April is highly recommended
Spain: The Camino de Santiago - 466 miles in 30 days
The prominent Camino de Santiago, also acknowledged as the St. James Trail, was a significant Christian passage during the Middle Ages, and is still viewed as a meaningful spiritual pilgrimage today. Best time to go: It can be walked 12 months out of the year but it is perfect somewhere between the spring and autumn - though it will be very busy.

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